Propolis Lip Balm with organic butters
Propolis Lip Balm with organic butters Single upright tube of Propolis Lip Balm with Reddish Brown label.
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Propolis Lip Balm with organic butters

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Honey bees gather resins from trees and flower buds, mix it with their own enzymes, and use the resulting mixture, called "propolis," as an antimicrobial in the hives. So of course, beekeepers like me gather the propolis and use it in various ways.

This lip balm is one of them: I've cleaned and extracted locally gathered propolis (much of it from my own hives, and the rest from other local-to-Ithaca beekeepers), and used the extract in an extra smooth lip balm made from natural beeswax (of course!), organic cocoa and shea butters, and antioxidant-rich rice bran oil. This is a handmade, premium lip balm, great for winter and beyond!

.15 oz tube

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