Hey Guys with activated charcoal
Hey Guys with activated charcoal
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Hey Guys with activated charcoal

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About 80% of Avital's customers identify as women. Perhaps coincidentally, honey bee colonies are about 90% female. Huh. Well, we can't leave the drones...uh, guys out of the fun. While I consider all of our products gender-neutral, this one leans a bit more toward the traditional guy side.

It's black, which apparently is a thing for men. (Seriously, check out store shelves. All the guy stuff is dark brown or black. What's up with that?)

We use activated charcoal from bamboo to get that deep black. It's also a salt soap, so it's super smooth, lasts ages, and has a creamy lather that gets you clean and leaves you soft and smooth.

And then there's the scent: an enticing combination of juniper, grapefruit, and coffee. Yes, coffee. It gives the soap an interesting depth. This one is scented on the light side.

Made from Water, coconut oil, Pacific sea salt, sodium hydroxide, activated charcoal, raw honey, coffee oil, juniper essential oil, grapefruit essential oil

Category: Handmade Bar Soaps

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