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About Us

It all started with honey bees.

In 2010, I was a hobbyist beekeeper who used her bees' honey, beeswax, and propolis in balms and soaps.

Nearly a decade later, the bees are helping me make a whole lot more! Bath bombs, scrubs, haircare, and, lotions are all part of our line. And all include the marvelous things honey bees make. 

In 2017, Kathi Menner joined the team. She's a graphic designer by profession, all around lover of crafts, runner, and horse aficionado. She fits more into a day than most people do in a week!

I count on her design ability for sprucing up labels, and her keen eye for color as we develop new soap swirls. She can also knock out a few hundred bath fizzles like nobody's business. When you use one of our products, it's likely she made it and wrapped it.Kathi and her mare, Ronja

When she isn't making your favorite skincare, she's probably riding her mare, Ronja, or running 10 miles, doing chores at the farm, making a fabulous dinner for her family, or kicking back at the lake. I told you she does more than all of us put together!

Avital's Apiaries is a certified Living Wage Employer.