It's a hot one...

Hey Fans,

Some of our products are definitely heat sensitive:

  • Body Butters
  • Balms (of all sorts)
  • Scrub Bees

These are designed to melt with the warmth of your skin, so you can imagine what happens when the mailbox temperatures hit triple digits. Or you leave them in a car during the summer.

Tins of our Body Butter with a bright window behind them.

In the case of our balms, all is not lost. They will firm back up; they might get a bit grainy, but they will still work just as well as ever. Pop them in the freezer or fridge and all will be well in half an hour or so.

Our Body Butters, similarly, will still feel fabulous and work well, but they will change texture and lose that wonderful, whipped softness. 

Scrub Bees will definitely go flat, and while they can be popped in a freezer to be saved, they won't really be as fun. 

We do our best to insulate shipments (short of using styrofoam), but we know that sometimes, it just isn't enough. We want you to be 100% happy with everything you buy from us, so if any of your orders suffer from a hot mailbox (or you aren't happy for any reason), just contact us and we'll refund or replace the melted product.