Simply Body Soap Nets 3 pack
Simply Body Soap Nets 3 pack Simply Body Soap Nets 3 pack
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Simply Body Soap Nets 3 pack

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3 Soap Nets!

How many plastic bottles of liquid soap do you go through in a year? One of month? More? A lot of my customers want to be more green and use less plastic but... they say bar soap is messy. It melts in the dish. That last sliver of soap is too small to use, but it seems a shame to throw it away...

Well, not anymore. Pop any bar (up to 5 oz or so) in the net. The Soap Net will whip up a marvelous lather in no time, and gently exfoliate as you wash. Then rinse it all off and hang it up.

No mess. No soap wasted. No sliver left, because you just pop in another bar. It dries fast, so there's no worry about bacterial growth. It lasts about a year and can be recycled. It's made in the USA by a family-owned company.

(The net comes without soap. Also, the bead in the picture? Could be yellow, or blue, or red or green... They're random. If you really, really want a particular color, add it in a note and if I have it, I'll make sure you get it. But no promises, OK?

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