Fresh Foot Rx Seaweed Cream

Fresh Foot Rx Seaweed Cream

Your feet work hard. Treat 'em right! That means repairing minor cracks and calluses, calming irritations from shoes and boots, soothing and cooling achy feet, and more. We formulated this cream to make your feet feel fabulous. That's why we added these special ingredients:

  • Seaweed extract to moisturize, soothe, and calm your skin
  • Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory properties, along with helping circulation, wound healing, and bruise healing
  • Panthenol also helps with regeneration of skin cells to repair cracks, calluses, or minor abrasions 
  • Allantoin (an ingredient you may never have heard of) is great for combating irritation, redness, and inflammation
  • Glycerin and sodium lactate are humectants which keep drawing moisture to your skin long after you apply the cream
  • Peppermint is fresh, cooling, and antiseptic, and can improve circulation while helping you relax
  • Cocoa butter and rice bran oil bring vitamins and minerals to your skin, along with antioxidants and softening

Massage our Fresh Foot cream onto clean, dry feet at bedtime. Cover with comfy cotton socks to wake up to amazing, soft feet. Or apply a thinner layer in the morning to start your day with fresh, cool feet.

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