Honey Soap & More

Honey Soap & More

Our fans are already familiar with our blog at AvitalsApiaries.com. When I started my business back in 2010, I wasn't selling online at all--only through fairs and wholesale. So a slightly awkward, hard-to-remember name didn't seem like a big deal. I figured people would bookmark it anyway.

Now... things are different. The apiary is smaller, though we still use all the honey Variety pack of bath fizziesand propolis our bees make. The products we make are more diverse. It isn't just lotion bars, lip balm, and bar soap anymore. And there's a "we," with Kathi doing production and more around the workshop.

With all that change, I'm moving part of the blog here, to the ShopAvitals.com site. The "old" blog will be for honey bee information, apiary updates, life stuff, and the like. 

This is a place where I can blog about new products, what's going on in the workshop, ask our fans for their opinion... all sorts of things around the making of the best skincare.

So welcome to the new year and the new blog!

And here's the first announcement: have you checked out the variety pack of fizzies? If you're unsure of which scent you like best, try 4! Each compostable cellophane bag has one Lavender, on Vashti (Geranium & Frankincense), one Honey Oatmeal, and one Italian Sunshine (Bergamot) fizzy. 

Let us know what you think!



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