More Patchouli!

More Patchouli!

Well, the Patchouli Shampoo Bar is flying off the shelves, so we decided to add a Conditioner Bar as well! It's our much-loved formula, with rich cocoa butter, quinoa protein, and daikon seed extract, but now scented with a generous dollop of earthy, complex patchouli. 

I know patchouli isn't for everyone. Some say the scent of patchouli is calming, grounding, and balancing. Well, given how the workshop smells after making all this, we must be the calmest, grounded-est, and most balanced people ever.

Are you ready to really bathe in patchouli? Don't forget our Psychedelic soap. And...should we make patchouli bath fizzies, too, so that you can REALLY soak in it?  I'd love to hear from you. --Lesli

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