A Gift to You for Valentine's

A Gift to You for Valentine's

Can I be brutally honest? January is a slow month for tiny businesses like mine. And that's not entirely a bad thing. We could use a little break after the heads-down hectic pace of the holidays to catch up and dream up new and fun products for you.

Right about now, though, you're starting to get emails about Valentine's Day, and how you need to buy chocolate. Or jewelry. Or flowers. Or whatever to express you love.

I just don't have... the heart to do that. I know the workout your credit card got last month.

Now, if you want to buy some yummy soap, bath fizzies, or body butter from ShopAvitals.com, I certainly will not say no. I will mail that package to you or your loved one, with a gift receipt if requested, packaged nicely.

Or you might be needing some moisturizing body butter yourself. You know, to get through the brutal winter. And has it been brutal here. Single digits brutal.

So how about we give you a gift. To say "thanks" for the great 2018 holiday season, and to celebrate love in all its wonderful forms, from now until the end of February, I'll extend the $20 minimum free shipping (yeah! free shipping!) and throw in another enticement: put two tins of our Organic Body Butter in your cart, and one will be half off. 

You can stock up before the weather warms up (and makes shipping it dicey) and keep your skin happy.

No code needed. Just put them in the cart, and you're on your way.

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