Can we talk about Madonna's face?

Or not. 

Preferably not. 

Every woman makes her choices around looks, aging, styling, and what "beauty" means to her. I don't live in anyone's shoes but mine (and mine tend to be flats), so I'm not going to tell other women how to present their bodies to the world. 

Avital's is working in what is generally called the "Beauty" space, which is often the closest choice when I need to convey what we do. Other designations offered are "Cosmetic Manufacture," although I wouldn't call anything we make strictly a "cosmetic."  "Health and wellness" is closer, but we're not selling you supplements, right? Keeping your hair and skin clean and moisturized are part of staying healthy, I guess.

So what are we doing here? In a way, this difficulty in defining Avital's reflects the difficulty in our society's perception of women, our bodies, what we present to the world, and the choices we make for those bodies.

We talk about women's bodies all the time, what we wear, how we move, what enhancements we make, whether those affirm our confidence or are necessary for it, on and on. We almost never talk about men's bodies.

Why is that?

I like to think I'm making bodycare for women who are more interested in their accomplishments, their connections to other people, and their inner lives while being content with what they see in the mirror. 

I admit, though, the balance--if it is a balance--is hard to find. We nearly all of us have a little vanity, a desire to look attractive or a favorite feature, whatever that might mean to us. 

What is your style? Is it just clean, nourished skin? Is it a full face of make up? Is it repeated cosmetic surgeries and more to achieve a particular esthetic?

I suspect the usual Avital's fan is on the minimalist end of that. I know I am.

But no shade at all to our sisters who like to do more. Do what works for you. No judgement.


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