Moving Day!

Photo of the exterior of the Newfield workshop, with mountains in the background

Just a quick post to let everyone know that today is moving day! This week has been about packing boxes and sorting through a decade of stuff in the workshop. Now the real adventure begins in our Newfield base.

There's still some finishing up going on there so the transition will be wobbly. As of yesterday, the HVAC was still going in, the floor in what will be the break room was being refinished. The house was in rough shape, and we took everything down to the studs, but we did manage to save the original 1850s floor in that room. It took and time and lots of work, including hand sanding but the final look will be cool and keep a part of the house's heritage.

Old wooden floor being hand sanded and refinished.

And the exterior?

Well, the solar panels are partly on, with the rest to be done on Monday. And painting will happen, but I don't know when.

Please be patient with us if orders take a couple of days to go out rather than the usual same day/next business day. 

Most of all, wish us luck!

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  • Hi Mary Lou,
    We don’t have any wholesale accounts there. If you have a favorite store that would be a good fit, let me (and them!) know. In the meantime, The web store is always open! And orders over $40 get free shipping.

    Avital's Apiaries on
  • Are products sold in Plattsburgh, NY?

    Mary Lou Leavitt on

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