That Hot Mailbox!

That Hot Mailbox!

Our Body Butter was originally formulated for stressed winter skin, which means it's about 70% shea butter. The melting point of shea butter? About 90°F

A formula designed to melt with the warmth of your skin will also melt in a hot mailbox.  When it firms up, it's still great, but it will have lost its light, airy texture.

We pack our heat-sensitive products in insulation packs, but it isn't always enough. Of course, you can refrigerate your items when they arrive to firm them up, but they can lose some of their lovely texture.

If your order arrives melted or less than ideal in any way, let me know and I'll replace or refund.  My first priority is always that you open that package and be thrilled.  If you're not, I definitely want to know and make it right.



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