Your mailbox is hawt!

Your mailbox is hawt!

Hot mailboxes are a problem!

During the summer months, we insulate packages that might be heat sensitive, but nothing is perfect over a 3-day journey. Your body butter might sit in a hot mailbox and melt. Your haircare bars could be a bit soft. And the Scrub Bees? Oof. Waxier products, like lotion bars have a higher melt point, but as you know from leaving lip balm in a hot car, even that can melt.

What to do? 

  • Try to get to your mailbox as quickly as possible. Although hot trucks might be a problem, I suspect most of the melt comes at the end, as a metal mailbox broils in the sun.
  • Open the package and pop everything (other than soap, which is pretty impervious) into the freezer for half an hour or so. 
  • Most things will harden right up...but whipped body butter will lose its volume, and feel more like a balm. It will still be good! Just not as light and airy.
  • Does anything look super sad? Just contact us and we'll make it right: we can ship you a free replacement on a cooler day or refund your purchase and try again in fall. 

It's not easy making (mostly) natural skincare and hair care that survives shipping through all kinds of weather. We always want you to be thrilled by your Avital's items, though, so we're ready to go the extra mile to make you happy. 

Things have cooled down a bit here in New York. If that's true where you are, go ahead and use the code MAILBOX through Sunday, July 16 for free shipping on order over $25. (And if it's super hot where you are? Buy soap. It can take the heat!)


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