Doing The Unexpected

Doing The Unexpected

The number one question I'm asked as a beekeeper isn't about honey bee health or how I started beekeeping or how much honey a hive produces in a season.

The number one question is: do you get stung?

Yep, I get stung. But as the picture above shows, I nearly always work barehanded, and often in regular street clothes. Why? Because honey bees are generally peaceful. Usually if I get stung it's because I put my hand down on a bee by mistake.

People expect me to wear the beesuit and gloves and be all covered up. So they are a bit surprised when they see pictures like this one. Not to mention that I'm a woman in a hobby and profession dominated by men. (But then I worked for 15 years as a system admin, another profession where I was often the only woman.)

I like thwarting expectations, though. I'll bet you do, too. What do you do that people don't expect?




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