The fate of our unscented line

Collection of unscented items: lotion, scrub bee, and body butter

For the last few years, we've offered an unscented line: body butter, lotion, Scrub Bee, and a Lotion Bar. After taking a hard look at the numbers, it was pretty clear that sales were low. Our people are scenty people, clearly! 

We've decided to discontinue all but the Lotion Bar. In a small shop like ours, every last product has to pull its weight, and clearly, the unscented items were not fan favorites. 

We've added "Hope Springs" to the line up: it's fresh, citrusy with a touch of herbal. So far, we're making a Body Butter, Lotion Bar, Bath Fizzies, and soap--the soap was the original inspiration, and is still called Chaya's Hope, named in a contest years back. It IS a bright, hopeful scent, something that I think is perfect for spring (it's coming!) and for these sometimes difficult days.

is there one unscented product you'd like us to still make?  Let me know!

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  • Hi Diane,
    That was the whipped Body Butter we make. We did stop making it, though we have it in Lavender, Orange Spice, Hope Springs, and Italian Sunshine still. And we decided to keep making the Hand & Body Lotion in Unscented. Sometimes, you just don’t want your hands scenty. We also make an unscented Lotion Bar. I hope one of those will work for you1 —Lesli

    Lesli on
  • I have very sensitive skin, and my family are always looking to help by gifting me with possible options. I haven’t purchased your merchandise personally, but have received as gifts. I was looking for an unscented item that was a viable option for the body, and even my face with no negative reaction. This was an unscented whipped body butter. It contained Shea butter, avocado oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil and evening primrose. I was hoping you may have older stock on this item, or could recommend a similar item. It’s wonderful to find a product that is made with such good ingredients, that works so well, and doesn’t cause any issues. Thank you!

    Diane on

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