Would You Like An Avital's Subscription Service?

Would You Like An Avital's Subscription Service?

I was reading a book written a couple of decades ago about marketing and trends, and while some of the information was obviously outdated, one thing was right on target: the author said people would have less leisure and need more "conveniences" as time went on. How right he was! 

We're all using "convenience" techniques to gain time: ordering groceries for delivery, ordering commodity goods, like paper towels, window cleaner, etc. in bulk for delivery (or picking up months' worth at a warehouse store), subscribing to food delivery services, and more. We want to spend less time on drudge.

I see this even in my small business: while Avital's products are widely available in Ithaca and other Finger Lakes towns and cities, local people order from ShopAvitals.com--sometimes, they're only a few blocks from our workshop! 

So here's my question: Would you like some sort of subscription service for Avital's? A pack of fizzies and a bar of soap every month? Body Butter in your favorite scent and haircare? Some other combination of favorites? If there are products you use regularly and run out of regularly, having them delivered every month or so could be a time-saver, and one less thing to check off that to-do list. How would your ideal subscription work? Monthly? Every other month? Surprise products or choices? Let me know!

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  • Don’t know yet what the ideal time interval is for possible a subscription service, as I’ve only just found you. But, I think it’s a brilliant idea.

    Lani on

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