Let's Talk Soap

Let's Talk Soap

Soap can have an old-fashioned, dare I say boring reputation. But the soap we make at Avital's isn't your grandmother's white bar of floating soap. Let me tell you why our soap is better.

The quality any soap will depend on the oils that go into it how much of that oil is left unsaponified to moisturize. For our soaps, we leave 5-20% "free" oil in the final bar to be extra conditioning and mild.

Of the real soap you see on grocery store shelves, common ingredients include:

  • sodium palmitate
  • sodium tallowate
  • sodium palm kernalate
  • sodium cocoate

These are all saponified palm, tallow (lard), palm kernel, and coconut. Often, these are the only oils in a bar. While they certainly make a hard bar of soap with springy lather, they can also be drying. If you are trying to avoid palm and animal products, these are not the bars for you.

At Avital's, we make two types of soaps: 100% coconut oil soap with sea salt and/or Dead Sea Salt and a more traditional soap with olive, rice bran, coconut, sunflower, and cocoa butter. Our ingredients are chosen carefully for their properties.

Our 100% coconut salt soaps are a specialty soap. They are individually molded, very hard (even to the point of being brittle), and have a low, creamy lather that softens your skin, is slightly exfoliating, and moisturizing. They also make great shaving soap.

My favorite facial soap is our Malka, which has extra minerals from Dead Sea Salt, rose clay, pink Himalayan salt, and geranium essential oil. The combination works really well on my dry skin.

Our traditional soaps use olive and rice bran oils for mild cleansing, coconut oil and cocoa butter to harden the bar, and sunflower oil to make the lather extra creamy. The result is a moisturizing, gentle bar that works well for most people. 

To get the most out of your handcrafted bars, we recommend using one of our made in the USA Soap Nets for either type of bar. Soap Nets are a great way to keep your soap out of a wasteful puddle so you get the maximum life out of your bar and keep your shower clean. They also help to whip up a really nice lather.

With our traditional bars, try a Savont Magnetic Soap Holder. These German made holders are great for a minimalist shower. They work best with our traditional non-salt bar or our all-in-one and haircare bars.

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