Let's Talk Soap Nets

Let's Talk Soap Nets

I was at a soapmakers conference a few years ago (yes, that's a thing!), and there was the rep for Simply Body Soap Nets. It was kind of a hallelujah moment for me. You see, I like bar soap (obviously), but I have to admit to the drawbacks: if you don't have a good soap dish that drains well, the soap goes mushy and you waste it. And when you get down to that last sliver, it isn't too useful, but it's a shame to throw it away.


When I surveyed Avital's fans, many admitted to a preference for liquid hand and body wash (most of which isn't real soap, but that's a discussion for another day) because it's "less messy." Or easier to use one handed with a wiggly child in the tub. 

Most liquid washes are pretty drying; the detergent based ones nearly all rely on SLS, which is very strippy.

The natural soap versions are better, but it's hard to make a really moisturizing liquid soap. You can't leave free oil, as you can in a bar (it would just separate). You can use mild oils, like olive or sunflower, and a ton of glycerin, but both are pretty expensive options and I don't see them in the big guys (some of us little guys use them, though).

But...liquids come in plastic bottles. Lots and lots of them. And they're heavy to transport with most of that weight being water.

Enter the Soap Net! You pop a bar (up to five ounces--ours are 4-4.7) into the netted pouch, which is made here in the USA by a family-owned company.

Use the net as you would a cloth or poof--but with some huge improvements.

  • You can slip all your scraps into the bag and never waste any.
  • The netting improves your bar's lather, which is a nice bonus.
  • The netting is mildly exfoliating.
  • After your shower, you hang up the Soap Net up and both it and the bar dry super fast. Unlike a sponge or loofah, which can grow nasties, nothing is gonna grow on dry silicone. 
  • They last a long time, about a year with normal use, all the while letting you get the most out of your handmade bar soap. And they're recyclable. 

Give them a try! A 3-pack is only $15. 


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